Wireless security cameras are useful tools for several businesses, but what about restaurants? While it’s easy to accept that a system or feature will bolster your business’ security, do you really know how or what role it plays? Like any business, a restaurant requires a system that can support other systems and protect against vulnerable security areas specific to that business. A wireless security camera system is an excellent way for restaurants to protect their assets, employees and customers. Let’s find out why.

Ultimate Security’s wireless security cameras

Our team can install CCTV security camera systems to monitor your property’s perimeter and inside of your restaurant. The wireless system works by transmitting security footage from the camera to the recorder. You can access the footage either through a built-in device, cloud storage – or both. We can even install CCTV smartphone camera preview on your phone so that you have more control as well as peace of mind, even when you’re not physically at your restaurant.

Here are some of the other systems that we have available:

  • IP camera systems (4MP, 5MP, 4K)
  • PTZ pan tilt zoom security camera
  • Thermal security camera
  • Infrared security camera

Are restaurants particularly vulnerable to security threats?

Like any business, restaurants are targeted by thieves, unhappy customers and even disgruntled employees. It’s an unfortunate hazard of being in any type of business, you’re battling threats from outside as well as inside your property.

Here are some of the threats that restaurants can face:

  • External robberies or vandalism from criminals
  • Employee abuse by other employees or customers
  • Employee theft (data as well as financial)

The security camera systems can also be used to monitor practices in the workplace to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Here’s what you can monitor through them:

  • Workplace health and safety protocols e.g. kitchen safety
  • Improper employee behaviour e.g. allowing unauthorised personnel onto the premises after hours

How can wireless security cameras be used to prevent these threats?

Deter internal and external criminal actions

As mentioned above, customers, criminals and employees are all sources of possible crime against your restaurant. Whether it’s something as simple as stealing from the register or a more major act like vandalism, your camera will be able to pick up on these actions.

All sources of crime will be aware of this; it’s obvious when a restaurant has surveillance. They will know that it will increase their chances of getting caught and will, therefore, be less likely to act on their criminal intentions. Some businesses appreciate this effect and draw attention to their security camera systems so that people are aware that they are being recorded.

Aid police

If there is a crime committed at your restaurant, then you would have most likely caught it on your security cameras. This doesn’t just help you and the police identify the perpetrator, but it also can be used as evidence against the person. If the crime was committed by someone internally, using the evidence against them will deter any other employees who are tempted to commit a crime on or against your restaurant.

Review employee behaviour

From time to time, you may want to review all of your employees’ behaviour, or you may want to find evidence of a claim made against them. A security camera system is able to capture what occurs around your restaurant, as well as inside, allowing you to monitor the actions of your employees in the kitchen and dining areas.

You’ll be able to find out if your employees are following your regulations and workplace health and safety policies. It informs you as a business owner if there are any areas you need to address with your team. As a restaurant, ensuring that your team follows strict health guidelines and food safety practices is key for growing a successful and reputable business. Use your security camera system as a tool for enforcing strict adherence.

Provide security from far

As a business owner, you can’t be everywhere at once. Your security camera system allows you to review footage from your phone. So, even if you’re on a trip or a few metres away from the restaurant, you can keep a close eye on its safety, ensuring that your team and customers are safe.

Ready to install wireless security cameras for your restaurant?

Our certified security consultants and technicians will be more than happy to walk you through our products and install the system in your business. As mentioned previously, they can also ensure that you have access to the security camera feed from your smartphone, ensuring you have access to your business wherever you are.

Make your restaurant safer, get in touch with our team today.