Providing security solutions to pharmacies and medical facilities is multifaceted and complex. Key considerations such as monitoring, CCTV, access control and staff/patient access points must all be considered.

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Pharmacy Security Solutions

A pharmacy requires multiple different types of security to protect staff, customers and stock, all while safe guarding against theft. The nature of having medicines and what can be considered “dangerous goods” means some areas will require different access levels, patients need visibility and warehouse storage areas all need to be protected. Ultimate Security takes a solution-based approach assessing your premise(s) and providing expert advice on weak points and blind spots.

Pharmacy Security Systems

Monitored security alarms provide the greatest level of security to any pharmacy, 24/7. Ultimate security builds around your monitored security system providing a solution to your business that can include, 24/7 Security Alarm Monitoring, CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection. Backed by our Grade A1 monitoring centre and our Ultimate Security App, you have complete visibility of your store 27/7.

Medical Centre Solutions

A medical centre can have various operating hours and some operate 24/7 posing different security challenges. Our 24/7 monitored security system again provides the first line of defence. Common requirements may include:

• Waiting room/reception CCTV
• Dr/Staff area access
• Carpark security/ late night security

Medical Centre Security Systems

Ultimate Security provide all of security system requirements combined with our Australia based monitoring team. Our highly trained staff are here to help in an emergency situation. Providing these modern technologies also gives all of your patients, Drs and staff a level of support, knowing they have the latest technologies helping protect them.

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