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Home Security

Explore the range of home security options from Ultimate Security. We offer the latest home security systems including home automation, smoke alarms, indoor/outdoor cameras, surveillance and doorbell cameras, all underpinned by our monitoring team based here in Australia. We respond to all of your alarm signals with no automated machines, from low battery to an emergency situation, so you know you are receiving the best possible protection for your home and family.

home security systems

Home Security Systems

Discover a new sense of security with a new type of system: expertly installed, customised for your home & controllable from our App.


CCTV for the Home

Experience total protection with customised, professionally installed CCTV security to keep you safe.

Our Monitoring Advantage

Ultimate Security Monitoring is done entirely with real people and no automation, this means our team are their to help 24/7.

Why Choose Home Security


Home security refers to the measures and systems put in place to protect your home from potential threats such as burglaries, intrusions, fires, and other emergencies. It involves the use of various security devices, technologies, and practices to ensure the safety and well-being of the you, your family and home.

Some common components of a home security system include:

24/7 Monitoring

In the event of an emergency such as a home break in, a monitored system can quickly alert the monitoring centre. Emergency services can be dispatch to your home, potentially saving lives and minimising damage. In the event you are not home, you are not walking yourself or family into a dangerous situation and our team can guide you through what steps to take.

Alarm System

These systems include sensors placed on doors, windows, and other entry points that trigger an alarm when breached. These alarm signals are monitored by Ultimate Security’s grade A1 monitoring centre based here in Australia.

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Indoor & Outdoor cameras placed around the home to monitor and record activities. They can act as a deterrent and are viewable live 24/7 on the Ultimate App from your phone or smart device.

Motion Sensors

These sensors detect movement within a specific area and can trigger an alarm or turn on lights.

Door and Window Sensors

These sensors detect when doors or windows are opened or tampered with and can trigger an alarm.

Home Automation

Integration of security systems with smart home technology, allowing you to control and monitor your security devices remotely. Control lamps and set scenes within your home when you are home or away.

Ultimate Security App

Managing your home with multiple apps and systems is hard work. The Ultimate Security app gives you a smarter alternative: an intuitive, all-in-one system that’s always working to keep you safe and well.Combining Home Automation, 24/7 Video Streaming & Security for your home.

Home Security

Video Monitoring

Ultimate Security App

Live App Notifications

It’s easy to make security mistake, Ultimate makes it easy to fix them. Live app notifications allow you to control your system, re-arm or take a closer look on the live 24/7 video stream.

Protect: Arm and disarm your security system, lock and unlock your doors or request emergency assistance.

Connect: Know, see and hear what’s happening with indoor, outdoor live video.

Control: Manage, automate and customise your home.

Home Security Hub

You’re already an expert at keeping a busy home, imagine what you could do with a handheld home security hub to manage and protect it.

An Ultimate Home Security System helps you stay safe and gives you control over your home. Our system lets you control your security in ways that suit you, set scenes to match your lifestyle, for instance at night all your preferred settings are applied.

Our system and App work seamlessly together so you can control your home and security system wherever you are with a few simple clicks.

Security Cameras – Video Monitoring

Outdoors: Customise your video alerts to focus on people, vehicles, animals or specific areas of your property. Only get alerts about what matters most to you.

Indoors: Get daily video clips from your security cameras of your family arriving home, or check in with a quick call through your camera.

Front door: See and talk to visitors from anywhere. Tap your app once to unlock the door and give access.

Home Security FAQs

How do home security systems work?

Our home security systems are monitored 24/7 sending signals back to our monitoring centre here in Australia. We pride ourselves on hiring and supporting our local communities to man our monitoring centre and to service our customers nationwide. In the event of any activation, the alarm will notify our team in which our monitoring operator will alert you and your listed contacts offering support and Ultimate Security Patrol services relieving the stress to engage in a situation that could be potentially dangerous to you and your family.

How to secure your home from break in?

There are many ways to protect your home starting with keeping the windows and doors locked when you’re not at home. At Ultimate Security, we offer a wide range of security alarms, Intercom, Door bell and CCTV solutions to further protect your home whilst you’re home and away that can be accessed and viewed with a touch of a button from your smart phone on a Ultimate security app.

How to install home security camera system?

Contact one of our security specialists to tailor make a package suitable to your needs and requirements. We offer a one stop shop with supply, Installation and ongoing monitoring services for all sites large and small. Ultimate Security provide security camera packages with both indoor and outdoor wireless cameras. Ultimate Security install systems in homes all across Australis.

Home Protection

Provides home security through intruder detection & fully controlled by our Ultimate smart app.

Expand the system by adding indoor and outdoor cameras to suit your home.

Smart Protection

Provides smoke alarm & home security to add an extra layer of protection to your home.

Expand the system by adding indoor and outdoor cameras to suit your home.

Ultimate Protection

Provides smoke alarm, home security & doorbell camera as a comprehensive security solution for your home.

Expand the system by adding indoor and outdoor cameras to suit your home.

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