About Us

Ultimate Security is a privately-owned Australian company that has a proud heritage dating back over 30 years, delivering integrated security solutions to corporate, commercial, government, and domestic clients.

We provide thoroughly trained and licenced staff in all areas of our expertise that includes alarm monitoring, guard services and electronic security. What makes Ultimate Security unique is our approach – we have long held the view that our business units should work in unison to provide our clients with a unified and comprehensive security package that utilises the latest technology, coupled with highly trained guard services.

In recent years, Ultimate Security has expanded to cleaning services. Through our sister company, Ultimate Cleaning, we are now able to offer our commercial clients a full portfolio of services to satisfy both security and cleaning requirements.

By providing these comprehensive services, Ultimate companies offer a unique value proposition of being a ‘Single Point of Contact’ to meet the security and cleaning needs of some of Australia’s largest companies. Throughout our employee network of over 600 highly skilled and licenced personnel, we supply extensive facility solutions to businesses such as Harvey Norman, Hungry Jacks, Best & Less, Chemist Warehouse and Dyson. 

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Our Mission

We are a force for good – Our mission is to protect life and assets; and deliver total peace of mind to our clients and the community through diligent, responsive security solutions with a human touch.

Our Values

Passion & Positive Mindset 

We love what we do – which can be seen and felt in our daily interactions. Turning problems into solutions and setbacks into wins, we look for the positive in everything. 


Honesty & Trust 

Honesty and fairness are paramount throughout all of our dealings; with our clients, suppliers, and among ourselves. Our business is based on a foundation of trust. 



We demonstrate genuine loyalty throughout our entire business, which extends towards our clients as we go above and beyond what is expected of us. We fulfil our promises, we go the distance, and remain authentic and tenacious in times of adversity and challenge. 


Proactive Agility 

We embrace change and think fast on our feet. We are alert to the changing needs of our colleagues and clients; and we move with efficiency and integrity to make the most of our opportunities. 


The Ultimate Teamwork 

We work collaboratively and pro-actively with our employees, suppliers, and clients to solve problems and achieve great goals. Cohesion and respect among our teammates is crucial.