At Ultimate Security our goal is to combine the latest home security technology with our best in class security monitoring service. To further strengthen this, we have now launched the new state-of-the-art iQ4 home security system. The iQ4 allows your home to be controlled and automated from anywhere, integrating security, home automation, smoke alarms, indoor/outdoor cameras and doorbells. The wireless system is fully upgradable at any time and can move and grow with your family. To help you and your family decide which features you need we have put together 3 packages that take advantage of the flexibility and features of the iQ4. These include:

Some of the Key features of the iQ4 include:

  1. Touchscreen display: The IQ 4 panel features a 7-inch, high-resolution touchscreen display that provides real-time alerts, system status, and control of connected devices.
  2. Wireless compatibility: The panel is compatible with a wide range of wireless sensors and devices, including door/window contacts, motion detectors, and smart home devices.
  3. Voice control: The panel supports voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  4. Advanced security features: The IQ 4 panel includes features such as intrusion detection, fire and smoke protection, carbon monoxide detection, and medical emergency alerts.
  5. Mobile app control: The Ultimate Security mobile app allows you to control your system and receive alerts from anywhere, at any time.
  6. Enhanced security: The panel supports multiple forms of authentication, including facial recognition and Bluetooth disarming, making it more secure than traditional security panels.
  7. Customisation: The panel’s interface can be customised with personal photos and graphics, making it a more personalised and enjoyable experience.

With all of these features our new iQ4 security system offers your home more features and functions for your home and family. Some of the added advantages and ways the system can be used include:

  • Live stream your home while you’re at work
  • Check in on any work being completed in or outside your home by various tradespeople
  • Watch your pets and make sure they are all ok during the day
  • Indoor cameras can be used in your babies room
  • Doorbell Cameras with 2-way voice control mean you can talk to anyone delivering packages or any guests that arrive
  • Watch kids come home from school
  • Set scenes for your home such as lights on when you are away

The versatility of the iQ4 means you have more than just the latest security system but a way in which to automate your home, assist your family’s lifestyle and feel safe knowing your home is protected and monitored 24/7.

In summary, the iQ4 home security system provides a comprehensive security solution that combines advanced features and ease of use all underpinned with our professional monitoring service. To make an enquiry please see all of our home security packages here or call us on 1300 850 591.