One of the fastest-growing home security upgrades, the Doorbell Camera is quickly becoming a home staple here in Australia. It lets you answer your door from your phone even when you are away, capture video clips of visitors, and deters any thieves looking to steal packages from your front door.

However, not all video doorbells are equal, so keep in mind the range of features and capabilities available as you look for the best option. As part of a home security system, an Ultimate Security video doorbell offers a faster, safer way to keep track of people and packages, plus extra protection that you won’t find elsewhere. When combined with an Ultimate Security package you can go from seeing your visitors at your front door through the door bell to then in your home with our indoor cameras.

See the activity that matters most

Most doorbell cameras will capture motion-triggered video clips—but do you really need to see everything that moves? A doorbell from Ultimate Security lets filter its video alerts in advance. It can tell the difference between people, animals and vehicles and pinpoint activity in different areas of your front yard.

You can set it to ignore vehicles that pass by, but alert you if a car pulls into your driveway. Our Video Doorbells can be set to notify you of someone dropping off a package or someone that wonders to your front door unexpectedly. Simply set what you would like to see and the system can ignore everything else.

Stop opening the door to anyone unknown

Your Ultimate Security doorbell camera lets you see who’s at the door and have a two-way voice conversation with them before deciding whether to open it. Even if you are not at home you will simply be alerted through the app on your mobile phone, simply open to start talking to anyone at your door.

Simple Doorbell Installation

When you choose Ultimate Security technology, our licensed technicians install your doorbell as part of your new home security system.

You rest assured that your video doorbell works smoothly with the rest of your home security system with a single app to control everything. You will now have control over your home from anywhere and an extra layer of security.