A common question we receive from many of our residential customers is, “Is this wireless alarm system reliable for my home?” This question is often prompted by concerns of a recent crime surge in their area or just general anxiety about the safety and security of their loved ones at home. However, we’re quite proud of the reliability and effectiveness of the wireless alarm systems we offer at Ultimate Security. We know that some people are nervous about the prospect of installing a wireless alarm system for their homes, so in this article, we’ll be exploring their effectiveness and why they play an important role in deterring crime.

Why is their anxiety around residential wireless alarm systems?

It’s normal to be nervous around anything that’s a major investment for your home, so we completely understand when our customers need us to thoroughly explain our alarm systems and their effectiveness.

Any type of residential alarm system takes a significant financial investment which is why many people are hesitant towards installing it. For the system to be worth the money, it needs to provide undeniable value in its security. Historically, wireless alarm systems have been contentious with many models providing insufficient range and an unreliable signal. However, with major technological updates in the last decade, this is no longer an issue as is evident with the models that we provide.

Ultimate Security wireless alarm systems

A unique feature of our wireless alarm systems and, any product that we provide, is that we grow with technology because that is the most secure and effective way of protecting your home or business.

Our wireless alarm systems don’t just use the latest technology, but they’re prepared for future telecommunication changes in Australia. The gradual NBN rollout across Australia’s premises will eventually leave your home without a conventional phone line, causing any alarm that communicates via your landline to be non-functional. At Ultimate Security, we foresaw this issue and solved it by ensuring that the alarm systems we offer communicate via the mobile network (GPRS), making it a more updated and reliable system.

As you can see we can promise that our wireless alarm system will be reliable. In addition to this, wireless alarm systems with GPRS monitoring are cost-effective. Our GPRS reports on dual sim and boasts battery backup which keeps your property and its surroundings monitored and updated, saving you from forking out the cash for the installation of a new alarm system.

Why you should install an alarm system in a crime-prone area

Offer a more discreet option for safety

With wired systems, an issue that many homes in crime-ridden areas run into is that the system can very easily be tampered with. A wired alarm system is just that – wired. These wires can sometimes be very obvious in a home if they’re not well hidden, making it easier for criminals to cut it and tamper with the signal.

With a wireless alarm system, signals are transmitted through WiFi. It’s extremely difficult for criminals to tamper with the signal as they don’t know where the signal or the power supply is coming from.

On a lighter note, wireless alarm systems are more aesthetically pleasing in homes. Fewer wires mean a neater and more pleasing facade for your home.

Many alarm systems provide information to your phone about your system. While it depends on your specific model, many systems will notify you of the arming and disarming of your alarm as well as whether the alarm was triggered. This doesn’t just make it easy for you to stay on top of what’s happening in your home, but it also ensures that you know to avoid your home if a criminal is there.

Adds value to your home

Wireless alarm systems are value security features for renters and home buyers. Installing an alarm system in your home will drive up either your rental or selling price for the same reason that it is attractive to you – it provides peace of mind and security to the buyers or renters.

At Ultimate Security, we don’t overlook your safety. You’ll be in excellent hands if you approach us for a security solution. If you’d like to install a wireless alarm system for your home, get in touch with our team.