In today’s environment the commercial security needs of Australian businesses are diverse. Ultimate Security offer a range of products such as Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance, CCTV, Access Control and Alarm Systems. Importantly however is that any security system is underpinned with Grade A1 24/7 security monitoring. Knowing your security solutions are backed up by our highly trained monitoring team gives you peace of mind that your property, assets, staff and customers are protected.

What is 24/7 Security Monitoring?

Security Monitoring is the service that compliments an alarm system. By sending signals back to our monitoring centres based here in Australia we are able to support your business and respond to emergency situations. Ultimate Security installs alarm systems tailored to your needs, including entry detection for doors or windows, indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras, and advanced CCTV setups. All of these systems are then monitored 24/7 by sending signals back to our monitoring centre who will then respond accordingly.

One of the main advantages with Ultimate Security is all of our monitoring is done by real people in our Australian based centres and none of the alarm signals are responded to via SMS or automation unless specifically requested. Having one of our highly trained staff available is crucial to supporting your business, staff, and customers during an emergency.

Duress Buttons & Monitoring

Different businesses offer late night hours of trading such as pharmacy and liquor stores. 24/7 Monitoring by Ultimate Security means your staff have that extra layer of support at all times. Adding a duress button to your alarm system means with a simple press of a button you and your staff are able to send a signal straight to the monitoring centre and we can respond immediately. Our team will contact you or your emergency contact, send a security patrol or contact emergency services such as the police or fire brigade depending on the situation and your instructions.

Pairing your alarm system and CCTV with Ultimate Security means that in the event your alarm is triggered due to a movement sensor (PIR), the camera closest will send a video clip with 30sec before and after activation to both you and the monitoring centre.

Having a team that know how to respond in this situation that have faced many similar scenarios means you do not have to make decisions you are not accustomed to under pressure or face unnecessary dangerous situations on your own.

Theft, Insurance & Monitoring

Theft and stock loss can cause a lot of financial and emotional stress to you and your business. Typical businesses such as Tobacconists can experience high amounts of loss so having insurance is an important factor. With Ultimate’s 24/7 Monitoring it helps businesses qualify for the insurance level they need.

The Ultimate Security App

Using the Ultimate Security App allows you to arm/disarm your system, view video clips from your cameras on your phone and be in contact with Ultimate Security anytime.

The Key Benefits to Your Business

When pairing Ultimate’s commercial and business security solutions with our 24/7 monitoring you are helping protect the assets and people that operate within your business premises along with your customers. Your business benefits from:

• 24/7 alarm signals sent to Ultimate Security
• Highly trained team supporting your business
• Emergency situation response
• Camera footage backed up and viewable
• Ultimate Security App

Our 24/7 Security Monitoring helps protect you from theft, fire and provides a safe environment for your business activity. Enquire today for more information on how we can help customise a security solution with 24/7 monitoring.