When considering home security there are a number of options however Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) sits as a top tier solution for protecting your home and family. Typically, a CCTV system is a series of cameras placed in and around your home that can be thought of as a surveillance system. These cameras then record 24/7 saving the footage on a server and or in the cloud. When selecting a CCTV system through Ultimate Security the Installation is carried out by our highly skilled and trained technicians. The cameras are firstly installed correctly in the optimal positions of the home and secondly provide recorded footage on your Network Video Recorder (NVR).

To help with considering whether CCTV is right for your home we break down the top 3 advantages below.

The top 3 Advantages of CCTV Installed in Your Home

Prevent & Deter Crime

As the phrase goes, prevention is better then cure. Whilst crime is a reality of modern life, a fully installed CCTV security system is usually visible from the exterior of the home. Cameras monitoring entry points, drive ways or entertaining areas will be visible to any potential intruders or burglars which acts as a deterrent.

Protect Your Home & Contents

Protecting your home and the contents is exactly what the CCTV system is designed to do. Parked cars, side and rear of the house can all be under 24/7 surveillance. In the event of an actual break-in or incident you will have footage if needed as evidence or simply for an understanding of what has happened (accidents, bad weather, trees falling, etc).

Video Verification & Virtual Patrols

Our video verification system provides footage of an alarm event to the monitoring station. With this technology, operators can visually confirm the nature of the alarm, whether it’s a genuine threat or a false alarm due to pets, weather, or other non-threatening factors.

Now, the virtual patrol aspect. Instead of relying solely on physical security guards to patrol large areas, our customers can use strategically placed cameras to automatically monitor the premises at a pre-set time.

Moreover, our video verification and virtual patrol system are seamlessly integrated, providing a comprehensive security solution. In case of a verified alarm event, the system can automatically trigger video clip to focus on the specific area of concern, enabling immediate action and response.


Having a CCTV system in your home gives you and your family protection and access to 24/7 footage both live and recorded. For the premium protection of your home we recommend pairing your CCTV with our back to base monitored alarm system, this ensures your home has the maximum protection and deterrent against a potential break in.

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