You need to have a fully developed security strategy in place in order to properly protect your property. If it is not comprehensive enough, you face the risk of being burgled. With the amount of time, effort, energy and money put into your business, it is essential you put the correct prevention techniques in place to protect your hard work. One technique that is useful for a variety of businesses is Mobile Patrols. This blog aims to tell you why you NEED to have mobile patrols on your Christmas list.

Reason #1

By having patrolling officers they will be able to provide your property with around the clock protection for as long as desired. This service can be completely tailored to you and your requirements as a business. Regardless if you have one office or multiple, mobile patrols are highly beneficial as a response is always available if necessary, minimising the damage caused.

Reason #2

The ability to be mobile and be a physical presence means areas in which other methods are lacking can be a focus for security guards. For example, your CCTV may only cover a small radius around an entry point whereas a guard can patrol the entire area acting as a deterrent, prevention and resolving technique- something digital measures cannot provide.

Reason #3

Response time is key in emergency situations. As mobile patrols consist of a trained professional patrolling the property, they can get to a situation much quicker than an external team that would have to travel to the site. This means crime can be prevented, have limited damage done as well as catching the criminals responsible.

Reason #4

The mobile patrols service is flexible depending on your needs. Therefore, you can increase and decrease the number of guards at times throughout the day. This is beneficial to the protection of your building as flexibility means criminals cannot settle on a routine that they can exploit for their own gain.

Reason #5

A physical presence that employees or visitors know is trained to respond in an emergency situation means they feel settled and protected. This also means you can create a sense of community as these guards become a part of your business’ entity. The feeling of safety is paramount and should always be the main aim when creating a security strategy.

Reason #6

This technique of security is cost-effective as you can tailor it to your needs and budget. By being a method that can deter, prevent and solve crimes means you will be saving large amounts of money in the long run as you will not need to invest in multiple systems.

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