What should you look for in a security guard services provider?

In Australia, we are fortunate that our country is relatively safe when compared to the many other parts of the world. However, like anywhere else, criminal elements do exist. While it can be difficult to accept that the world will never truly be crime-free, you can take actions to make your home, business and people much safer and secure. One of those actions is to engage a professional security company like Ultimate Security that provides trained and accredited security guard services.

There are many security companies throughout Australia offering guarding services. Though the country has a fairly low crime rate, Australians prioritise the safety of their homes as well as their businesses. For commercial and governmental properties, in particular, security guards are a suitable and effective option to protect against criminal elements or opportunistic crimes.

What do security guard services entail?

Security guards are trained and accredited to use special equipment and tactics to protect assets whether it be property, people or valuables. Security guards perform many overt or covert positions including, but not limited to;

  • Static Security
  • Mobile Foot Patrols (roving)
  • Control Room Operators
  • Loss Prevention (Covert)

Whilst all roles include an element of risk, Ultimate Security Guards are trained to observe, report and escalate as required.

To ensure that you engage a company with reliable, trained and effective security guard services, there are few qualities that you should look for. In this article, we’ll identify these qualities and elaborate on their connection to valuable security guard services.

5 top qualities to look for in a security guard company

  1. Credible

    Security guards protect some of the most valuable assets that you own. You’ll want to ensure that you trust the people who will have access to your assets and trust that they are capable of protecting them. At Ultimate Security, our security guards undergo rigorous screening, training and assessment and supervision. We guarantee that they are trustworthy and will guard your assets with the utmost professionalism. We further guarantee that our security guards are accredited/licenced within the provisions of the relevant State/Territory Act and associated Regulation.

    If you’d like more information on their certifications, training and licences, feel free to contact our team.

  2. Reputable

    A company that has worked with many blue chip clients over the years would have earned a solid reputation. Having hands-on experience with a company is one of the best ways for determining how they work, their reliability, quality and professionalism. Ensure that you find a company that is forthright with its references and that can provide a series of reviews.

  3. Invested in their team

    Too often, companies treat employees as just workers. Companies that take the time to improve the skills of their employees are companies that care about the quality and value of the services that they provide to their employees.

    At Ultimate Security, we believe in investing in our team and making them better people and better security experts. Often, we invest in their professional development so that they can improve their skills and knowledge.

  4. Responsive

    Security guards are quite often the first responder in emergency and other critical situations. Responsiveness is key for every security company. Companies must train security guards to respond appropriately and quickly to a variety of emergencies.

    Our guards remain on-site and tend to emergencies as soon as they are aware. They are trained to provide first-aid and will be first on the scene in cases of intrusion, robbery, fire and more.

  5. Flexible and customised

    Flexible solutions are tailored solutions. We believe that tailoring a security service to the needs of the business is key to its effectiveness. Our guards analyse each site and determine their weaknesses in relation to risk and safety so that those areas are focussed on. Each client premises is different and requires a tailored solution and applicable procedures and policies.

Security guard services at Ultimate Security

At Ultimate Security, we don’t just offer highly skilled security guards, we also provide constant supervision and live reporting systems for an added layer of security and accountability. We select our employees through rigorous vetting and compliance processes and ensure that they maintain a high quality of services by training them in risk management, customer service security reporting, conflict de-escalation, emergency management, workplace health and safety and first aid.

Are you ready to invest in our security guard services?

We know how important our security services are to the protection of your assets which is why we guarantee to each client and prospective customer a high level of customer service and reliable protection.

We offer more than security guard services at Ultimate Security. Depending on your property or needs, you may find that one of our services is better suited to your needs or would be effective in combination with our security guard services. If you’d like advice or more information regarding our services, contact us here.