What are the duties of a static security guard?

If you’re unfamiliar with the role of a static guard, then it is highly likely that you don’t understand the value that they can provide for your business. Static guards are a popular type of security used in many commercial properties to create the image of a guarded location and to provide a functionally safe environment. At Ultimate Security, we have a national pool of over 600 licenced security guards who are dispatched to businesses in several different industries across Australia.

Before we get into the duties of a static security guard, let’s first discuss their basic role. A static security guard enforces the law as well as the regulations and policies of residents and employees of the building that they are protecting. They also ensure that only authorised personnel enter the building. A static security guard is different from a mobile patrol in that they are limited to the interior and perimeter of the property that they are guarding. A mobile security guard can move around the exterior of a property and seldom enter the interior.

To fully understand the responsibilities of a static security guard, let’s dive into their duties. Bear in mind that their duties will change according to what clients want and what is appropriate for a property.

To safeguard your property and employees from flood, fire and any other damage

A static security guard shouldn’t just be on the lookout for criminal threats, but natural ones as well. They are supposed to alert the business of impending danger from storms, floods and fires and ensure that everyone is out of the building and at a safe location (if the building’s structural integrity is compromised) or sheltering in place. Additionally, static security guards have the responsibility of alerting the relevant authorities to the impending danger.

To prevent and reduce your company’s resources from being wasted

Most companies have policies against unnecessary wastage in the workplace. This may apply to the energy that is being used through lights, air conditioning systems and music or tangible company resources such as paper.

We train our static guards to be mindful of every company’s carbon footprint. They ensure that all lights and systems are taken off at the end of their shift, provided that no one else is using the building and kindly remind employees about turning off their own systems.

Our static guards also ensure that wastage does not become a hazard in the workplace. If waste materials such as cardboard, paper or any other items are left in compromising positions, our guards alert the business owner or another designated authority to remove the hazard. This is extremely important as unattended waste that presents a hazard and causes injury can lead to a lawsuit from an employee.

To identify offences and take actions to prevent them

There are a number of offences that can happen in the workplace. From abusive behaviour to blatant neglect of the company’s policies. Our static guards are in charge of identifying these offences and reporting them to the relevant authorities. These authorities may be you or the police, depending on the severity of the issue and your preferences. In these cases, the static security guards are also responsible for stopping the acts from happening.

To ensure rules and regulations of the company are followed

The rules and regulations of your company ensure that order is followed and that your employees act according to how you deem appropriate for the nature of your business. There are also laws that employees must follow in their workplace. Our static security guards must ensure that everyone follows these rules. Anyone in breach of these will be reported to the client and emergency services, if necessary.

How can a static security guard protect your business?

While you may know the duties of a static security guard, understanding the level of protection they provide is different. Often, the duties of a security guard are dismissed, however, they’re more valuable than many people realise. Here’s how a static security guard can protect your business:

  • The image of guarded premises deters criminals.
  • Reduces wastage in your company (provided your company’s policies are designed to limit waste).
  • Improve the financial consciousness of workers in your building, leading to reduced overhead costs.
  • Lowers the likelihood that employees will steal from your company.
  • Makes your employees and customers feel safe.

At Ultimate Security, we have rigorous vetting and compliance processes that ensure we only hire highly skilled and committed individuals. Our constant supervision and live reporting systems set us apart from other companies in the market. With a dedicated workforce, qualified personnel and unwavering dedication, we promise a flawless security solution for your business.