Touchless Exit Buttons

With a global pandemic presenting unprecedented changes in the way we live and work, new and innovative technologies are proving the way forward – particularly so with contactless security access. Especially seeing as schools, workplaces, and many communal areas with public access are reopening every day around the country, prioritising safety precautions are proving paramount. Here at Ultimate Security, client requests for touchless exit buttons have increased exponentially – and for good reason.

Business owners, building and strata managers, as well as government agencies now have a legal responsibility to adhere to the health and safety requirements outlined by the Australian government to keep workers, residents, and the general public safe. Given it’s now widely known that COVID-19 can be transmitted through surfaces and objects that have been touched by an infected individual, many of these legislations adhere to hand hygiene. With that said, things like door handles and even traditional green exit buttons that once provided simple and easy-to-use solutions now seem all but antiquated.

What are the Options?

Contactless or touchless exit buttons come in various shapes and sizes and offer varying capabilities. The good news is, Ultimate Security works around your existing access control and/or alarm system to establish the most compatible exit button for your building, ensuring everything works seamlessly.

How do They Work?

The most commonly used technology for touchless exit buttons in Australia utilises movement sensors, as manufacturers have established interfaces to well-known brands of building access control. These are uniquely designed to where you’d wave your hand or leg and are primarily used for the application where sanitary conditions are needed; like in hospitals, restrooms, food processing factories, and/or laboratories.

What Other Technologies are on the Rise Since COVID-19?

Along with contactless or touchless exit buttons, requirements for visitor management systems have also been on the rise. This is largely due to the fact that people don’t want to be using pens to sign into a building or business yet knowing and recording who has been on the premises is absolutely necessary.

Ultimate Security works hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure complete peace of mind. We also listen to your individual requirements to allow for the most cost-effective solution, as there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to security.

So, for the most adaptable and innovative visitor management systems and/or exit buttons that will safeguard your building and implement the safest environment for workers and visitors, get in touch with us today.