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The right people with the right equipment

Ultimate Cleaning can safely protect your investment and preserve your assets. We significantly invest in the development of our valued personnel by providing the highest calibre of training and the latest commercial grade equipment such as floor scrubbers, commercial vacuums, carpet cleaners, sweepers, steam cleaners, high pressure washers, polishers and burnishers.

Mitigating Risk

Using advanced tracking software, we can ensure that cleaning rotations are met at monitored intervals of 20 minutes to improve contract compliance, minimise public liability and reduce the risk of accidents and injury claims.

COVID-19 Response

We are acutely aware that cleaning is no longer just about hygiene and sanitation. Using hospital grade disinfectant and PPE, we can ensure that high-touch areas of any business are 99% germ and bacteria free.

Environmental Management

We have adopted and implemented practical strategies to reduce our impact on the environment. Ultimate Cleaning is committed to becoming an environmental leader in the cleaning sector and the wider business community.

Don't overlook security.

At Ultimate Security, we ensure your premium security measures are professionally in place,
allowing our customers to stay in control with multi-layered security solutions they can rely on.

Our scope of work extends across residential, corporate, commercial, and
government sectors.

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Ultimate Protection and Automation


$35.95 per month



$35.95 per month