Mobile Patrols

Security patrol

Our substantial fleet of mobile patrol vehicles is expertly managed by a pool of licenced officers, equipped with the latest GPS tracking systems and available 24/7.  

Since all patrol units are managed by our Grade A1 monitoring centre, monitoring staff can work with you to create custom procedures for each site. You can nominate contact people, set clear instructions and opt to have a patrol immediately dispatched in case of an incident.

Our Mobile Patrol division can provide the following services:

  • Alarm responses
  • Escalation to all emergency services when needed
  • Opening and closing of premises
  • Physical presence to deter crime
  • Predetermined routes and times
  • Random or scheduled patrols
  • Staff escorts – helping to satisfy your duty of care requirements

The Ultimate Security Application

We developed our own mobile application that uses QR scanning to streamline patrolling procedures. When our guards scan the QR code, the application will instantly update the dashboard with a date, time and location stamp within 5 metre accuracy.

The application also generates reports that can be used to analyse and measure our performance. The reporting function is customisable and clients can run diverse reports that display the following data:

  • Attendance
  • Exceptions
  • Location
  • Panic alerts
  • Scheduling 

Don't overlook security.

At Ultimate Security, we ensure your premium security measures are professionally in place,
allowing our customers to stay in control with multi-layered security solutions they can rely on.

Our scope of work extends across residential, corporate, commercial, and
government sectors.

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$35.95 per month