Is investing in a security company’s services the right move for your Sydney business?

Investing in a security company’s services may be an easy decision for some, however, for many of Australia’s small businesses, deciding whether to financially invest in security can be difficult. Most small businesses have a number of expenses, ranging from marketing to rent. Security, while important, often comes low down on the priority list. However, at Ultimate Security, we believe that businesses of all sizes should invest in some form of security for their business.

Security is more than the protection of your business assets

When you think about the security of your business, the protection of your physical building and money comes to mind. These are incredibly important, however, you should also remember that your employees and your business’ reputation are at stake.

Employees in a business are often the first to confront and witness crime occurring in your business, whether it is a targeted attack or a customer with ill-intent. Your business’ reputation is also important for ensuring that both customers and employees feel safe visiting and working in your store. So what should businesses do to protect their assets, employees and reputation?

What type of security should a business invest in?

Businesses cannot use the same systems as residential properties as they are often, much larger, see more traffic and therefore, require more robust systems. At Ultimate Security, we recommend the following for commercial properties:

  • Alarm systems: We offer over one dozen different brands and models of alarm systems so that you can find one that suits your business best.

  • CCTV-Video surveillance: Our equipment uses advanced capabilities in IP based technology that allows you to record and monitor your business’ surroundings.

  • Access control: Access control system that specific areas are protected and allows only authorised personnel to access the facilities at set times.

  • Guards: We offer static security guards and mobile patrol vehicles to physically protect your business.

As you can see, we offer several options that can be combined or used separately to protect your business. We know not every business can afford all methods, which is why we encourage businesses to reach out to our company. One of our representatives will guide you through our products and discuss which option is best suited for your business.

Many businesses benefit from our alarm systems as it suits the set-up of most companies and provides the basic function of a security system–alerting you when there’s an intruder. However, many companies still struggle with investing in a system as basic as that. In this article, we’ll identify some of the benefits that your business can expect if they invest in one of our security services or products.

3 benefits of investing in Ultimate Security’s services

  1. Improved protection of your employees

    Your employees should always feel safe at work. In many cases, security systems don’t just make your business safer, but they can also make employees feel more at ease – an important factor for keeping employees content at their job and comfortable in the workplace.

    We highly recommend alarm systems for all businesses, but particularly those who open in the early hours of the morning or late at night.

  2. Provide peace of mind

    As a business owner, the security of your business is just one factor on a very long list of things to worry about. However, you could reduce your anxiety by investing in security services. Whether you install a monitored alarm system or hire guards, our security services are sure to make you more confident about the safety of your business and employees. As our alarm systems are monitored, you don’t even have to worry about calling the authorities in the case of an emergency.

  3. Reduction in the risk of theft

    Regardless of the type of business you have, theft is always an issue. Businesses can experience theft from employees, customers and criminals, making it a major threat. An alarm system, guards, patrols and visible surveillance systems work well to deter criminal activity from either source, stopping them before any of your assets are stolen.

    Our monitored alarm systems also alert authorities immediately so that the perpetrator can be caught while surveillance footage can be used as evidence and for claims with your insurance company (in the case of stolen items).

At Ultimate Security, we understand how costly it can be to install and implement security measures at your place of business. However, after decades in the security industry, our experience has led us to advise our clients that security systems are worth the investment. We know that every business is different, contact us to let a member of our team advise you on our products.