Feel Secure with an Access Control System

Forget physical keys – modern technology is providing us with electronic modes of security that do all the hard work for us. Enter access control systems, an electronic system that protects critical areas of your home or work office space.

At its core, access control systems can help you to control who enters a location and when. Whether you’re focused on employees, contractors, visitors or any other kind of stakeholder who enters your premises, access control systems can give you the comfort of knowing your safe space is in safe hands.

Visitors can be on foot, driving a vehicle or even using another mode of transport – and locations can be as varying as your suburban home, and office space or even a wardrobe!

How do access control systems work?

An access control system usually involves some sort of electronic security system, as well as some sort of identifier like a unique access card or key. Usually access cards can track valuable data about your safe space, meaning you’ll be the first to know about who had access and when.

What kinds of access control systems can I install?

With a myriad of different access control systems, every security situation requires a unique solution. Some of the most popular access control systems include integrated management systems, intelligent ID cards, intercom with access control, keyless entry access, standalone single-door access control and vehicle access control for gates and doors, electronic locks, fingerprint scanners and keypads.

So why use an access control system over a key?

The answer is simple – switching to an access control system puts security back into your own hands. While mechanical keys are definitely the simplest way to physically access a location, a lot can go wrong with the traditional methods of entering and exiting. Some of the reasons below may convince you to switch to an access control system:

  • People often lose keys

    It’s human nature to misplace important things once in a while – so there’s no doubt that someone on your team will lose a key sooner or later. Changing the lock and redistributing the new keys to everyone who needs access just adds fuel to the fire, where an access control system can iron out these issues.

  • Keys don’t collect data

    One of the best reasons for switching to a control access system is so you can monitor who, when and where someone is entering your safe space. A traditional key just doesn’t cut it when it comes to data collection!

  • Keys can be difficult to manage

    Have you ever ended up with a whole key chain full of keys after being given access to multiple doors? Access control systems bridge this gap, minimising security risk with it!

How exactly can I control my security?

When you switch to a control access system, you gain so much more control. A control access system can manage:

  • Who has access

    Maybe you want to allow automatic access to all employees, but you want contractors and visitors to enter on your own terms. Whatever way you want to do it, your access control system can iron it out!

  • Where they have access to

    Depending on your business or safe space, you may only want certain people or employees to enter specific areas or cabinets for example. With an access control system, you can ensure your security is on your terms!

  • What time they can gain access

    If you only want contractors or junior staff to access a specific area at certain times, you can manage this with a control access system.

Install an access control system with Ultimate Security

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