Alarm systems

All businesses should have an alarm system. This can range from a small and simple system for a home-based business to enterprise grade solutions covering multiple sites and solutions.

Yes, Ultimate Security works with a number of industry leading brands to deliver solutions for any security purpose.

Our ASIAL Certified Grade A1 Monitoring Centre is equipped with dedicated staff 24/7, 365 days a year, to deliver the highest standard of monitoring.

Following a risk assessment of your property, we can advise of the best forms of electronic solutions, to mitigate your risk of break and enter. Security Alarm systems today are also being used by businesses for contractor management (ie arrival / departure time of cleaners). Another example of use is where businesses are using the alarm system to ensure certain perimeter doors are secured throughout the day, or an audible alarm activates.

Alarm systems must be installed in compliance with the relevant Australian standards. Our experienced team are knowledgeable and have an in-depth understanding of the required rules and regulations so you’re in safe hands at Ultimate Security.

At Ultimate Security, our experienced team have the skills and knowledge needed to manage any size project.

A well-maintained alarm system is effective in detecting and preventing both damage and intrusion. If an alarm is neglected, it can become a liability. Ultimate security will work with you to keep your premises protected, using the latest technology.

Ultimate Security employs the latest technology to ensure that your alarm will not be impacted by the NBN rollout.


Businesses invest in CCTV for evidence gathering, deterrence effect, WHS management and number plate recognition, to name a few. 

We partner with leading brands within the electronic security industry to deliver tailored security solutions. Our highly trained staff can provide on-site consultation to design the most appropriate security system that suits your needs and landscape.

Yes, our CCTV systems can be viewed remotely via a secure internet connection on your computer, smart phone or tablet.

Although we supply and install a wide range of brands that are innovators in their field, your organisation’s unique needs are what determine the best security camera brand. For this reason, security assessments play a crucial role in our design process. We tailor our installation service to maximise value added.

We only install IP security cameras. If you have an existing analogue camera system, you can speak to us to discuss your options. In some cases, we may upgrade your system (which may or may not require re-cabling), to provide you with the highest quality CCTV cameras.

You are able to access the recordings via installed software on a designated computer on site or on your provided phone/tablet, depending on how long your footage is kept before being recorded over. Speak to our team and we’ll tailor a security system to meet your requirements.

Access control

We can set up alerts for various access activities at the property entrance and send real time notifications or reports. However, this functionality is restricted to certain brands of electronic access control.

Yes, you can order as many cards as you need. We can also program multiple cards with many different levels of access and security as requested. In some cases, we may need additional information such as system site codes and/or manufacturer approval forms.

Yes, this also depends on the system you’re using. We will provide training on how to customise and run specific reports. However, this functionality and level of reporting depends on the brand and access control model in use.

Key ring sized tokens are also available for those who prefer that style of control. In addition, we can install keypads, hand and finger biometric scanners and more. In some cases, we can create a ‘card-less’ access control system which installs credentials on your mobile phone.

We understand that every customer has unique requirements. Ultimate Security works with many leading industry brands to deliver the most fitting solutions.

A well installed and maintained access control system is a very effective way of controlling and monitoring access to your premises.

Yes, you can control activations and deactivations of all cards on your system as well as permissions per user.

Alarm Monitoring

Once set up and connected, your alarm by Ultimate Security will be programmed to report back to our Grade A1 Monitoring Centre.

If an alarm is triggered, we can follow predetermined instructions, contact the relevant people and dispatch a patrol car upon request. These arrangements can be organised beforehand.

After completing a routine maintenance check on your alarm, we will install a 4G communicator to allow your system to work without a phone line. You will also be able to control the alarm via an app.

We are able to update almost any alarm system to connect with our latest 4G communicator, allowing you to use an app to control your system. This enables you to turn the alarm on and off from anywhere, provided you have internet access on your device.

Having your alarm and security systems monitored by our 24/7 Grade A1 Monitoring Centre ensures that you, your family or any other designated person will immediately be contacted in case of an emergency. We also have processes in place to assist you if you are unable to reach your premise in time. 

The NBN rollout across Australian premises will leave your home without a conventional phone line, meaning any alarm that communicates via phoneline (PSTN) will not dial out. Ultimate Security solves this by upgrading traditional alarm systems to communicate via mobile network (GPRS).

GPRS monitoring is a cost-effective method of securing your premise using wireless technology. GPRS reports on dual sim and boasts battery backup to keep your property monitored by our Grade A1 Monitoring Centre. This innovation can save you from the costly design and install of a new alarm system. Permaconn, our product partner, supplies a wide range of alarm signaling communicators such as the PM 54 4G – LTE.



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$35.95 per month