Alarm Systems

All businesses should have an alarm system. This can range from a small and simple system for a home-based business to enterprise grade solutions covering multiple sites and solutions.

Yes, Ultimate Security works with a number of industry leading brands to deliver solutions for any security purpose.

Ultimate Security own’s their own ASIAL Certified Grade A1 Monitoring Centre, along with very experienced staff who manage and operate our control room, we’re able to design a bespoke solution for each client in order to support your business security needs.

Following a risk assessment of your property, we can advise of the best forms of electronic solutions, to mitigate your risk of break and enter. Security Alarm systems today are also being used by businesses for contractor management (ie arrival / departure time of cleaners). Another example of use is where businesses are using the alarm system to ensure certain perimeter doors are secured throughout the day, or an audible alarm activates.

Alarm systems must be installed in compliance with the relevant Australian standards. Our experienced team are knowledgeable and have an in-depth understanding of the required rules and regulations so you’re in safe hands at Ultimate Security.

At Ultimate Security, our experienced team have the skills and knowledge needed to manage any size project.

A well-maintained alarm system is very effective in both detecting and preventing damage and intrusion. If an alarm is left or neglected it can become a liability. With constant changes in technology, Ultimate Security utilises the latest technology, we will work with you to keep your premises protected.

Ultimate Security use the latest technology so our experienced team have solutions to ensure your alarm is ready, protected and will not be affected by changes due to NBN.


There are many reasons a business would invest in CCTV. These can vary from simply a deterrence effect, evidence gathering, WHS management through to number plate recognition and many other applications.

At Ultimate Security we partner with a number of industry leading brands within the electronic security industry to deliver solutions fit for any security purpose. Our highly skilled and trained staff can provide on-site consultation in order to best design the most suitable security system to your needs and landscape

Yes, with our CCTV systems they can be remotely viewed via a secure internet connection on your computer, smart phone and tablet.

We believe that whilst many brands have merits, your organisation’s unique needs are what determine the best brand of security camera; this is a key reason why our Security Assessments are a crucial part of our Design Process. Ultimate Security supplies and installs a wide range of brands that we believe are innovators in their field. For any installation, we will always recommend the best suited products to ensure each installation is tailored to deliver the best possible results.

At Ultimate Security we only install and recommend IP security cameras. If you have an existing analogue camera system, speak to our team about the options. In some cases, we may  require to upgrade your current system (there are often options inclusive of with and without having to re cable your entire system) to provide you high quality CCTV cameras.

We have options available for both commercial and residential applications and we will happily tailor a solution to suit you. At Ultimate Security, we take into account the Surveillance Act and Privacy Act when designing complete systems.

You are able to access or retrieve your recordings from the computer on site or via your phone / tablet provided, this is all dependant on how long the footage is kept before being recorded over. Speak to our team about the length of time you require to keep your footage for, so we can tailor a security system to meet your requirements.


We can set up alerts for various access events by door users, sending notifications in real time or via reports, this functionality is restricted to certain brands of electronic access control systems.

Yes, you can order as many cards as you need. We can also program multiple cards with many different levels of access and security as requested. In some cases, we may need additional information such as system site codes and/or manufacturer approval forms.

Yes, this will also depend on which system you select, or are currently using. We will provide training and teach you how to customise and run specific reports, this functionality and level of reporting will depend on the brand and model of access control you opt for.

Key ring sized tokens are also available for those who prefer that style of control. In addition, we can install keypads, hand and finger biometric scanners, and more. In some cases, we are able to create for you a ‘card-less’ access control system which installs a credential on your mobile phone which acts as a form of access control card.

Yes, Ultimate Security works with many industry leading brands to deliver solutions fit for their purpose, we understand that each customer has unique requirements.

A well installed and maintained access control system is a very effective way of controlling and monitoring access to your premises.

Yes, you can control activation and deactivations of all cards on your system as well as permissions per user, ensuring you have control who can access areas within the business, and at what times if required.



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$35.95 per month