As leaders in innovation, our team of security experts specialise in designing, installing and monitoring the most technologically advanced security solutions. Constantly in line with leading industry trends, we provide customised security management across a range of industries to ensure that what you want secured, stays secure.

Residential Security

Our services extend to home security. We put your family’s safety front and centre by providing tailored security services. Whether you’re looking to remotely monitor your property, deter intruders or keep a close eye on your children, we have the right solutions for you.


Ultimate Security offers a variety of CCTV systems with advanced capabilities in IP based technology to add another layer of security to your premise. We offer custom design, implementation and support services to safeguard your video surveillance. Our dedicated team of personnel will guarantee your needs are always met.
electronic security
electronic security


Electronic access control ensures critical operational areas are protected, allowing only authorised personnel to access the facilities at the right time.


We offer a range of wired and wireless alarm systems aimed at maximising your business security, 24/7.
electronic security
Video Analytics


Our products include video software developed by world-leading providers. We deliver optimisation and loss-prevention suites to a large number of clients.

Don't overlook security.

At Ultimate Security, we ensure your premium security measures are professionally in place,
allowing our customers to stay in control with multi-layered security solutions they can rely on.

Our scope of work extends across residential, corporate, commercial, and
government sectors.

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