Create Your Customisable Concierge Security Service

When it comes to feeling safe, concierge security services are at the top of the game. As a hugely sought-after security option for office buildings, apartments, government offices and any sort of other secure space, concierge security enables every stakeholder to feel protected, safe and aware of what is going on.

What do concierge security services actually do?

The answer to this question is different depending on the location of the concierge security guard. For hotels, resorts and other holiday-focussed places, concierge guards would welcome guests, answer queries and provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. For concierge guards working in this space, it’s important to be a people-loving extrovert who can answer any logistical questions about the hotel.

For residential apartments or areas, concierge security services usually involve offering security and building access, enforcing rules and building rapport with tenants and locals. As they stand at the front of the building, these kinds of concierge security services also keep an eye on any suspicious\ activity.

Concierge security services can work for any kind of building or area where extra security is needed, from hospitals, to movie sets, residential homes and government buildings.

What kind of person is great for concierge security services?

Touched on briefly above, a successful concierge security guard needs to adapt into the needs of the location he or she is serving in. Responsible for a wide range of different tasks, concierge security guard should be a guard for the people – it’s so important that the individual providing the concierge security service is a people person. Flexibility, trustworthiness and friendliness are also extremely valuable traits. The main concern is that the concierge security guard needs to have no issue working with others – as their job is quite literally to protect those around them.

What does training look like for concierge security services?

Rigorous training is implemented for those who are set to offer concierge security services. Initially they are trained in first aid so they are capable of handling any kind of emergency situation, including medical emergencies or a fire. At Ultimate tech, our concierge staff undergo an in-depth schedule of training that involves finetuning their skills in communication, agility, discipline, attention to detail and presentation.

What kind of concierge security services does Ultimate Tech offer?

At Ultimate Tech, we offer tailor-made concierge solutions that are customisable for each client. By being flexible, Ultimate Tech is able to offer businesses a reduction in cost without compromising quality service. We’re here to make sure your establishment (whether an apartment block, a government office, a housing complex, a hospital or a resort) is secure with cutting-edge measures and services in place. Offering multi-layered solutions that you can rely on, Ultimate Tech is the only way to go when you’re looking into concierge security services.

What makes us different?

We get it – there’s a myriad of different places to get your concierge security services up and running. But there’s nowhere like Ultimate Tech. Why? It’s all in our approach. For over 30 years, we’ve worked in unison with our clients to build their own completely customisable security services. We understand that every client has different needs, and our eye for collaborations is what makes us different.

We’re home to some of Australia’s best security specialists, and we’ve always got something new up our sleeve. Innovation is truly at the heart of everything we do. So if you’re considering amping up your security with a concierge security service, contact us today!