With the unprecedented nature of this global pandemic and the resulting uncertainty among businesses and families, our mission to protect and provide safety to our communities could not be of higher importance.

Increased security and safety measures are imperative, offering necessary peace-of-mind and contributing to trust among staff members, family members, and the wider community. As a result, Ultimate Security have responded in the following ways:


Internal Systems and Processes 

As a company that has always nurtured a sense of familial values among our team members, we have implemented a range of measures to ensure the safety and well-being among all staff. These include diligent social distancing practices, an increase in online facilities for staff working from home, increased access to
handwashing and sanitizer facilities, and reduced handover time for shift changes.  


Security Guards

With a pool of over 500 guards stationed across a wide variety of businesses, including the Chemist Warehouse franchises, we have encouraged a strict distancing rule of 1.5 metres from customers at all times. They are also working with staff to help customers practice effective social distancing and helping maintain calm. Where the 1.5 metre rule is not possible, guards must practice thorough handwashing and sanitising immediately after contact. We have also provided appropriate PPE across the board to mitigate their risk of both contracting and spreading an infection.


Expert Security Advice

If you own or manage a business that remains open as an essential service, consider engaging our security staff to assist during this stressful time. Our guards, who are highly trained in customer service, are able to help customers and patrons adhere to the 4 square meter distancing rule, whilst providing guidance and assistance to the elderly and disabled.

For businesses that have temporarily closed, consider investing in extra randomised patrols which are
affordable and act as a deterrent against crime. We would also recommend you maintain an existing monitoring service agreement to ensure any incidents at your office can be dealt with effectively – this also applies to residential homes during these uncertain times.

Our monitoring centre is considered an essential service. Therefore, if your business or home has our alarm system in place, and security or safety is breached during a lockdown, causing the alarm to be triggered, our monitoring centre will continue to follow the protocols outlined in your monitoring agreement; thus, we predict no change in these services

Whilst these can feel like uncertain times, it’s important we all work together as a community to help each other and the vulnerable. Ultimate Security is committed to being a force for good during these difficult times.