Bolster the protection of your business: why security monitoring services are the answer

There are layers to providing your business with adequate protection and security. In addition to physical barriers, your business should also be protected by our security monitoring services. Security monitoring services do much more than provide surveillance – they make your business and your home much safer from several unforeseen circumstances, not just criminal activity.

What are security monitoring services?

Many business owners wrongly believe that the purpose of a security monitoring service is solely to surveil. While that is certainly one very important function, as technology has advanced, security monitoring services now offer many more features. Generally, the features offered by security monitoring services often depend on the brand and model of the product as well as the company it was purchased from.

At Ultimate Security, we host our own certified grade A1 monitoring centre which is the highest grade available. The centre is equipped with the latest technology and our monitoring services also include a full-proof, cloud-based health monitoring system to ensure uncompromised access and a completely secure management system.

What type of security monitoring does Ultimate Security offer?

Ultimate Security offers two main types of security monitoring systems:

  1. Alarm monitoring

    Our Grade A1 alarm monitoring centre quick and detailed communication between your security system and our central station. It monitors burglar, fire and residential/commercial alarm systems and is equipped with the latest technology and located in a safeguarded facility to ensure protection from unfortunate events (natural disasters, robbery etc.).

  2. Video health monitoring

    Our real-time video health monitoring system guarantees that your surveillance does not incur any random failings and that it functions as it should, keeping you in total control of your network at all times.

How can security monitor systems bolster the protection of your business

Rapid response

While we can try our best to prevent and protect against crime, sometimes, it is inevitable. When an emergency occurs, your best response is to ensure that the relevant authorities arrive as quickly as possible. In the fright and anxiety of any emergency, it can be difficult to remember to call the authorities.

A security monitor system dispatches patrol guards and notifies police in the case of an emergency, ensuring that you are quickly taken care of. We know how frightening emergencies can be and ensure that you and your employees are in a safe space as quickly as possible.

24/7 protection

Crime never sleeps which is why your business requires round the clock surveillance and protection. As a business owner, it’s impossible to guard your business 24 hours per day. However, a security monitor system functions as your eyes and ears throughout the day and night.

Our team monitors your business when you’re away, sleeping and even when you’re at your business! We will never let your business go without protection. Our operators are available 24/7 to:

  • Assist you over the phone

  • Dispatch patrol guards in the case of an emergency or tripped alarm

  • Monitor video and alarm signals

  • Notify police of emergencies

You never have to worry about your business when you’re a client of Ultimate Security.

Consistent and reliable monitoring

Businesses often fall victim to power outages, fires and other natural disasters which can interfere with their security systems. However, at Ultimate Security, to provide all of our clients with prompt and consistent service 24/7, we located our state-of-the-art monitoring centre in a facility that is safeguarded from danger including power outages, fire and physical attacks (criminal).

What does this mean for you? You’ll never have to second-guess our service. We’ll be right there when your business needs us.

Reduced likelihood of failure

Like every piece of technology existing in the world, video security systems can develop issues. We’re aware of this and have put in place a video health monitoring system to ensure that your network is always up and running. It guarantees that your surveillance is protected against any failure and ensures that your business is never in the dark. 

At Ultimate Security, we understand how important the security of your business is to your livelihood. Many times, a branch in the security of your business can have disastrous financial consequences. For this reason, we believe that all businesses should implement our security monitor systems. They add a layer of protection for your business and provide you, as the business owner, with peace of mind. 

Read to install a security monitor system? Contact us and a member of our team will be more than happy to advise you on our services.