Are Mobile Security patrols effective for businesses?

Did you know that crime is on the rise in Australia, with more than 1.1 million incidents reported to police each year?

When businesses need security protection for their human, proprietary and financial assets, they turn to security services. At Ultimate Security, we have numerous security products and services that combined form a security solution that are designed to meet the particular risk profiles of each business. No two businesses are alike, and the element of security risk will vary, thus requiring a customized security solution.

At Ultimate Security, we are capable of assessing risk and tailoring the security solution to meet the needs of commercial, residential, government, industrial and other properties. One of the security services we offer is mobile security patrols. Many businesses don’t understand the effectiveness of mobile security patrols in deterring crime, reducing risk and rendering a property safe. Let’s look at how mobile security patrols can reduce risk, increase safety and provide peace of mind.

What are mobile security patrol services?

Mobile security patrol services involve more than just a guard patrolling your premises. Ultimate Security Guards and their fully equipped mobile patrol vehicle create an overt presence to deter crime, improve safety and increase the overall security risk profile. Our security guards are trained to be vigilant for suspicious behaviour (Persons of Interest), record and report defects or property damage, provide customer service, complete checks of critical infrastructure such as entry/exit zones, main gates, loading docks, etc.

Where required, Ultimate Security mobile patrol guards can remain at a property until relieved by another qualified security guard to ensure the property is safe and secure overnight until permanent security measures can be put in place.

At Ultimate Security we provide mobile patrol services which are carried out by our substantial fleet of mobile patrol vehicles. Our mobile security fleet are all fully marked hybrid ‘green’ vehicles, globally tracked, fitted with rooftop security bars with spotlights and flashing lights, fitted with tools of the trade such as;

  • Spare padlocks and keys to make a property temporarily safe and secure
  • High powered torch
  • Rubber gloves
  • Radios to communicate back to base
  • Mobile phones fitted with security incident reporting software and route data

Our mobile patrol security guards are not operating alone. Our security guards are augmented by the Ultimate Security Monitoring Centre that can monitor your property remotely via CCTV and direct our mobile security officer to your property in the event of any suspicious activity. Security guards safety is also monitored by our Monitoring Centre by the use of automated welfare checking and man down security technology. Our Monitoring Centre can assist the on-site security guard to direct the security guard to the exact problem zone whilst at the same time containing Police or other authorities.

4 reasons why mobile security patrols are effective

  1. Improve employee safety

    When you spot a police or security car nearby, you instantly feel safer. This is a similar reaction that employees have when our mobile security patrols are on the scene. For employees who work late at night or early in the morning the sight of a security patrol signals that help, if necessary, is near should anything happen. The overt security presence also acts as a deterrent for opportunistic crime or anti-social behaviour such as graffiti and willful property damage.

    Employees need to feel safe in order to execute their job correctly and for job satisfaction. If your business or property has experienced crime issues or problems with anti-social behaviour we highly recommend mobile security patrols to ensure your employees feel safe. At Ultimate Security, our mobile security guards also escort staff on and off the premises, ensuring that the business’ duty of care requirements are taken care of.

  2. Visibly deter crime

    Our fleet of mobile security patrol vehicles are very visible, even from a distance. As they can clearly be seen, even from far away, criminals are less likely to intrude on your business as the overt presence of security makes it too risky (for them).

    This understanding of security presence extends further than spur of the moment crime. Security mobile patrols are also a deterrent for anyone thinking of planning an attack on your business even in perceivably vulnerable areas. As security patrols are mobile, they can cover a wide area, deterring mischief where criminals might have thought it was safe.

  3. Provide surveillance to locations that you deem vulnerable

    Every business is different and will have areas that are more vulnerable to crime than others. This may be a dark isolated corner of your property, or a room in your business with easy access.

    Our mobile security patrols are managed by our Grade A1 monitoring centre where staff can work with you to create custom procedures for each site and determine vulnerabilities in your business. Our patrols will survey these areas and be on high alert during opening and closing times (times of vulnerability for most businesses).

  4. Benefit from immediate response to an emergency

    Mitigating the consequences of an emergency, whether it be an intrusion, natural disaster or fire, requires a quick response. Our clients can opt to have a mobile patrol immediately dispatched in case of an incident. As our mobile security patrol team will be on-site, you are guaranteed to respond quickly. If required, our team is also prepared to dispatch emergency services.

    We know how important this factor is in reducing the fall-out from an emergency. Our team is prepared to support and respond as quickly as possible.

How do I know if I need security patrol services?

This is a common question that we receive from clients who aren’t quite sure if mobile security patrol services are right for them. We’ve identified why they are effective, but what types of properties and businesses are they effective for?

  • Residential communities
  • Businesses that are trading throughout the night
  • Businesses with large estates/premises e.g. hotels, resorts, golf courses etc.
  • Properties that house valuable information e.g. federal government buildings, courts etc.

Need to speak to a member of our Ultimate Security team?

It’s natural to have questions about our security patrol services. We know how important this investment is and will be happy to answer any of your questions. To speak to a member of our team, contact us here.