Ultimate Security is proud to offer a range of video analytics solutions. Customers primarily come to us seeking a range of analytics for the purpose of people counting, queue management, object tracking, heat mapping, demographic identification, perimeter defence, and occupancy estimation. By using these applications, our customers can make sense of this data in real time.

Relying on video analytics to automatically monitor cameras and present exceptions for events of interest is, in many cases, much more effective than reliance on manpower. Our analytics products include world-leading providers of video analytics software, developed for several applications including retail, security, safety, and business intelligence. Using optimisation tools and loss prevention suites allows retailers to efficiently organise their staff planning, customer experience, marketing, and merchandising strategies.

Benefits of video analytics:

  • Easier, faster, and more productive investigations
  • An Increase in Stops and Apprehensions
  • A better insight into actual loss
  • Reduced losses are reinvested to improve the business

The services we provide include:

Licence Plate Recognition

Our licence plate recognition solutions range from license plate image capturing to intelligent control, including site traffic management, barrier control, carpark management and more. State of the art systems can capture the data of multiple vehicles moving at high speed. Once a number plate is captured and identified, it will prompt system events such as new vs returning customers, police investigations and blacklisted vehicles.

People Counting

People Counting Analytics collects information about site traffic to help you gain insights into customer and visitor behaviours and allows them to take action. It essentially turns the cameras into a highly advanced sensor, collecting store traffic data that helps you make informed decisions on service levels and product placements.

Video Motion Detection

Video motion detection adds another level of intelligence to your surveillance system by alerting you of any movement within predetermined areas. This allows for total control and transparency throughout your premises, as it includes movement from vehicles as well as people and wildlife. The cameras are also specifically programmed to only record when motion is detected, ensuring your video storage maintains plenty of space.

Video Analytics Experts

Ultimate Security can custom-design, install, and service video analytics solutions for existing or new verticals and industries. Video analytics can send real-time alerts for loss-prevention, increase situational awareness, and accelerate investigations in cities; and improve traffic and parking direction and flow.


Working with some of the largest retailers and their operations teams in the country, Ultimate Security understand retailers face complex business and security challenges when it comes to managing store operations and preventing loss. Many of these challenges can and are solved with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

We partner with the best video analytics manufacturers and video analytics software developers to ensure what you want secured, stays secure.



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$35.95 per month