4 reasons why electronic security systems are critical for the security of your business

Electronic security systems are an excellent security tool for both residential and commercial properties. They encompass surveillance and alarm systems, allowing property owners to choose and combine systems to create the perfect solution for their businesses and homes. As electronic security systems are critical for the security of your property, we advise all business owners to contact Ultimate Security for a customised solution.

Though the value of electronic security systems is not lost on most business owners, they don’t fully understand the value that they can provide. Electronic security systems provide more than surveillance and alerts of intrusion, they are key tools in a preventive action against crime rather than just reactive.

Electronic security systems available at Ultimate Security

At Ultimate security, we offer four different types of electronic security systems for businesses. They are:

  • CCTV Video Surveillance

    Our CCTV systems with advanced capabilities in IP-based technology add another layer of security to your premise. Our dedicated personnel can custom design this product to suit your business needs.

  • Access Control

    If your business has critical operational areas that should only be accessed by specific personnel, then our access control system is perfect for providing access to the right people at the right time.

  • Alarm Systems

    Our range of wired and wireless alarm systems protect your business throughout the day and night so that you never have to worry about the safety of your assets or employees.

  • Analytics

    Our analytic products include video software which was developed by world-leading providers. We deliver optimisation and loss-prevention suites to several clients. Our team delivers real-time data to our clients so that they derive useful insights about their business operations, conduct more productive investigations and efficiently organise staff and strategy.

As you can see, Ultimate Security offers an impressive range of electronic security systems – a testament to our belief in its value and performance. Let’s now take a look at how, specifically, electronic systems play an imperative role in your business’ security.

Asset protection

One of a business owner’s priorities is asset protection. Electronic security systems – which every product you select – is one of the best deterrents of asset destruction or theft. Our security systems target your security in both a proactive and reactive way, thereby reducing the likelihood that your intellectual property or physical assets will ever be compromised.

As assets are often stolen internally, CCTV surveillance remains an effective tool for evidence against employees who attempt to steal.

Workplace safety

The safety of your team is also a high priority. Employees work best when they feel safe and happy at their workplace. With the presence of electronic security systems, your employees will feel safe from both internal and external threats. Our alarm system is also comforting for employees who frequently work late at night or very early in the morning – two vulnerable periods of the day.

24/7 protection of unattended premises

Commercial properties are often left unattended very often, especially as many people stay away from the office during lockdowns. When unattended, your business is at its most vulnerable with valuable physical and intellectual assets at stake. 

Our robust access control systems, accessible CCTV footage and alarm systems allow you to be informed about the security of your business even when you’re not there. Access control systems prevent intruders from reaching critical areas of your business. CCTV adds an additional obstacle to the prospective intruders and allows you to keep tabs on your business. Our alarm systems will startle intruders and alert nearby businesses as well as emergency services of the intrusion.

Internal theft control

Employees can be some of the most likely culprits in a business. They may not just steal from your property and compromise your team’s hard work but they can also steal from their colleagues. 

With electronic security systems throughout your business, it is unlikely that employees will act on their criminal plans. If they do, then you are not only likely to catch them, but you will also have evidence to hold them accountable, thereby removing baseless accusations. When you hold employees accountable, you make them an example to the rest of your team, reducing the likelihood of it happening again.

At Ultimate Security, we want the best solutions for our clients. We know that every business is different and are prepared to work in conjunction with our clients to develop an electronic security solution that meets their business needs. If you would like more information about the products and services that we offer, feel free to reach out to our team.